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lushedxo said: oh my goodness, please please please start posting more! I beg! I love your blog so much, and your fall one as well, it makes me want the cold seasons to come even faster!

aww just now seeing this, gettin back in a situation were I can post more. Missed out on fall but I can add more to my fall

Me: *wears short shorts and sweater*
Boyfriend: You do know its like 100 out here right?
Me: *glares at boyfriend*

clockwork-eternity said: I'm a seasonal blog and I've been following your fall blog for a while but I just found your winter blog and I LOVELOVELOVELOVE it!!!! thanks for all the beautiful pictures! :)

awww thank you. I need to get started back on my winter one I didn’t really think any ¬†of my fall followers would go to my winter one lol thank you :)

whatever-chanel said: Awh i love your blog i just made my Christmas blog too im so excited x

awww thanks